Department of exploration and exploitation



Exploration and exploitation activities of Kep-co in brief.

Kep-co possesses the most skillful and experienced man power at the hydrocarbon exploration division, who consist of retired staff of oil and gas industries and the youth.

The exploration department consists of three main division as under mentioned.

1-Surface geology:

  • Stratigraphy  and paleontology
  • Tectonic and mineralogy

2-Sub surface geology:

  • Provision of program for forecasting well geology to determine casing point at the top of formations.
  • Identification of rocks and petrography and paleontology and environment sedimentology interpretation.
  • Determining hydrocarbon points and change of logs and selection of exploitation sections for perforation and well tests and estimating the amount of daily production.
  • Preparation of final complementary report of the drilled well.

3- Petroleum and reservoir engineering include:

  • Petro physics and change of logs regarding kind of rock and porosity and permeability and kind of reservoir liquids (salt, water, gas, oil) and finally determining the contact level of gas and oil, and oil and salt water.
  • Exploitation from the fields by cooperation of skilled and specialized companies, under supervision of department of exploration.

Department of exploration and exploitation.


Department of education


Educational obligation of Kep-co in brief:

Education is needed for Kep-co to grow and develop Kep-co economically to be increased daily, like a world vital element, not only for Kep-co. Personnel but for client employees, and partner companies concerning any project.

 Education is not a world not related to Kep-cos activities.

The importance of Educational management at Kep-co is well recognized, and the same as other managements is paid attentioned to education like a designed process is required to improve and develop individual abilities and present and future requirements of the organization.

Educational sections in brief:

Some of our Educational obligations which include all Kep-co personnel, also client personnel and partner companies concerning any project given over to Kep-co are mentioned below briefly:

  • Safety, health and environment (HSE):


Risk management

Time Management

Crisis Management


  • Chemical engineering:

Composition of drilling mud

Geology of drilling mud

Construction of drilling mud


  • Drilling engineering:

Drilling development or Drilling improvement

Selecting qualified and worthy man power

Advanced Drilling technique


  • Electronic engineering


  • Mechanical engineering
  • Geological engineering:

Visiting onshore fields

Visiting offshore fields

Visiting offshore drilling rig

Visiting floating and semi-floating rig

Performance of all offshore operations


  • Geology:

Area Geology

Drilling stem test

Core analysis

Electrical well logging interpretation


Sedimentdlogy studies

Paleonthology (micro and macro fossils)


  • Drilling mud logging:


Pump circulating drilling mud line


  • Exploitation engineering


  • Reservoir engineering


  • Maintenance:

Maintenance of body parts of drilling rig

Maintenance of well head equipments

Maintenance of down hole equipments


  • Evaluation of educational requirements:

These requirements will be identifiable for any project

With regard to general targets of Kep-co, cient of the projects and individual needs.


  • Training is considered as main topics of all meeting concerning all projects.


  • Provision of resources to answer educational requirements:

Every year special budget is allocated to provide and perform all educational requirements.

Evaluation of the effects of performed educational courses:

Report of all educational courses will be delivered to Kep-co by the personnel who are responsible staff of educational department. The texts of any course are  prepaired  in the from of specified standard pamphlets by Kep-co and is delivered to applicants. In case any educational course dose not meet the requirements, the case will be discussed with the responsible staff of the course to find out  the reseans.

Educational manager

HSE Policy


Health, Safely and Environmental policy




Our activities are in the area of designing an engineering, provision of drilling equipment in the form of general contractor (GC) and management contract (MC) of the Oil and Gas Projects.

Our philosophy is elevation of health, safety and protection of  environment as axis value of company.

We share this outlook with customers, contractors and suppliers, as to act in a way not to damage anyone.

The main elements of this policy within the small and great targets frame of company are as follows.

Conformity with laws and regulations and obligations related to HSE.

Identifying the hazards and risk assessments, also  Identifying and evaluating environmental aspects in relation to Jobs and professions to control and decrease Their Offensive effects in order to prevent pollutions and hazards.

Elevation of understanding and execution of partnerships and responsibilities of personnel in HSE by arranging training courses.

Definition of communication mechanism with the groups of beneficiaries personnel, customers, contractors, suppliers and public and creation of common outlook at HSE.

With no doubt the personnel will follow obligations concerning HSE by using the directions and Regarding necessities while performing their duties.

company obligation to health, safety  and environment and to this policy is definite, and in all dimensions and addition to regard moralities by implementing designed programs, in the frame of an arranged and comprised management policy will protect safety and health of personnel, contractors, public, customers, and partners and environment.

Stabilization of HSE management system (HSE-MS) is designed in accordance to ISO 1400:2004

Ohsas 18001:2007

Edited policy after auditing HSE in management meetings will be put to access of publics.

This company is the originator of arranging the first HSE classes and courses in this country, also has had

 effective role in setting up the first HSE seminar

Mahmoud Sharifian

Chairman of the board and Managing director      


About us

About KEP-Co

Back ground of KEP-Co

KEP-Co by possessing high grades in upstream, surface and environment establishments granted by IRI President Deputy Management and Programing Supervision Organization, has been able to create searching information degree and arranged special training courses to the service of Oil, Gas and Petrochemical managers.

Concerning exploitation test in the wells with high pressure sweet and sour gases namely garden, shanool, and kish fields we have various positive experience.

  • Environmental monitoring of kish gas field.

Location: Offshore area of kish Gas Field.

Client: Petroleum Engineering and Development Company (PEDEC).


  • Drilling one delineation kish well No. 3.

Location: offshore area of kish Gas Field.

Client: Petroleum Engineering and Development Company (PEDEC)


  • Project of making out 20 years outlook of marketing program of national Iranian drilling company (NIDC)

Location: Ahvaz, NIDC

Client: NIDC


  • Project supervision the engineering projects of Tehran Refinery.

Location: Tehran Martyr Tond Gooyan Refinery.

Client: Tond Gooyan Refinery.


  • Drilling one DSO exploratory well to bury surplus refinery substances.

Location: Asaluyeh area stoppage and elimination of operation because of environmental problems.

Client: Pars Oil and Gas Company (P.O.G.C).



  • Participation in the tender of drilling 16 Geothermal wells.

Location: Meshkin Shahr

Client: New Energy Organization.

  • Plan of training the personnel of Salman Oil Platform.

Location: Lavan Islend.


  • Training course (Advanced Drilling Techniques)

Location: Kish Island


  • Studying the Conditions of Oil Establishments at Gotvand dam Lake.

Location: Ahvaz

Client: South Oil Fields Company


  • Execution of Training Courses of Specialist Engineers and active personnel of Soroosh and Nowrooz Platform.

Location: Kish Island

Client: SHELL Company