Kandokave Energy Pars P.J.S. (KEP-Co.) was established in Order to carry out   the activities to develop oil & Gas industries especially drilling oil and gas wells, and offering drilling services in huge offshore and onshore fields in IRI.
KEP-Co in managing oil and gas Reservoir study has great experience and active presence in Reshadat, Resalat and Darquain Fields studies.
KEP-Co has been granted several grades in upstream industry, surface and environmental establishments by IRI president Deputy Management and Programming Supervision Organization.
KEP-Co with the excellent experienced managers and specialists has performed long operational activities in the various oil and gas fields and possesses ability to attend in operational projects and creates up-to date information sites in advanced especial training courses.
KEP-Co has also great experience in relation to the test and production of high pressure and temperature of sweet and sour gas wells, and has operated production test of Gardan and Shanoul Fields.

KEP-Co since its establishment has managed consultancy and training courses in the field of Oil and Gas Industries and environment concerning different operational projects, for which you may refer  to the section of projects.